Manning Point Fishing Classic, Extreme Fishing Competition, Australia

MPFC Caught in Fish for Bribes Scandal

By  Barnacle Barry

The Cole enquiry has widened its net to include Poissons et boisson extrêmes in what is alleged to be a fish for bribes scandal.  It seems the massive catches from the year's competition were sold to the Iraq regime and a donation was made to the Hussein Empire.

 In an unusual display of candour Marcus Copperi stated Saddam Hussein approached him directly and appealed for a donation to help fund a new wardrobe.  Apparently since the Allied invasion Saddam’s wardrobe has been severely depleted and he is now down to his last pair of Y fronts.

The case was dismissed almost immediately by Commissioner Cole after seeing the evidence.  He said “After seeing Hussein the world can’t afford not clothe him.  It’s disgusting – take him away!”

The MPFC has miraculously survived yet another scandal.  Perhaps we should call it the Teflon classic.


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