Manning Point Fishing Classic, Extreme Fishing Competition, Australia

Riverboat Rastus

17th February 2014
2008 Champion is back! Be afraid, be very afraid.


Nationality Fargen Straylen Mate
History Well known former champion & nude model.
Previous Entrant 2well known and one doesn't like to boast about my awesomeness... 2nd rookie champion, incredibly good looken and poor eyesight
Referrees Barry Gomersol, Greg Hartley, Mangrove
Preferred Team Happy with anyone, please NOT BigJigs boat
Alcohol Preference Yes
Approvers Comments

Riverboat Rastus made his name as a gambler of great repute upon the Mississippi during the late 70's and early 80's. 

He went underground for some time after his previously lucrative Alligator Fishing School collapsed after adverse publicity due to a strong PETA campaign.

He surfaced again in Eastern Europe being involved in opening up the big game river fishing and gambling industry in Bulgaria and Romania (allegedly funded by Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes). However, the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent control of the industry by the 'Moscow Mafia' put an end to this venture.

Riverboat has since lived off the proceeds from his venture capital business and as an unusually successfull foreign actor in Bollywood where he is well known for his roles as a dastardly villian.

Riverboat Rastus succumbed to the pressures of the sub-continent bloc on the  Poissons et Boisson Extrêmes board and came out of retirement to win the 2008 Series. Stories abound of a betting sting, but were un-proven.

2009 saw a shortened campaign where he really didn't bother the scorers.

In 2010 it looked like we were going to miss Riverboat, but a late night SMS negotiation with Marcus Copperi snared the 2008 Champion for the 2010 Comp, bring glitz and glamour to an event already with three previous Champions.

After a two year hiatas where Riverboat has been a hit in Bollywood, he returned as a late entry in 2013. His entertainment skills were unsurpassed!

We'll see if Riverboat still has his mojo - good lunk in 2014.



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