Manning Point Fishing Classic, Extreme Fishing Competition, Australia

Groper Griffo

4th February 2014
Rookie of the Year 2013

Approved, pending payment

Nationality Fas-Vegas
Previous Entrant Rookie
Referrees Mangrove
Preferred Team Don't care
Alcohol Preference Cold
Approvers Comments

"Grop'er' - you bet he did.

Griffo has worked most the major tournaments throughout Australia and has recently constructed a large fishing training pool in his backyard that resembes and is about the size of, Lake Macquarie. He can now fish from his dunny during his morning constitutional.

A rookie to the Classic in 2013, he took out the Rookie Award with great efforts in both of the Twin Arts. He dropped a huge flathead though (don't forget that).

His performance in the 2013 Mallacoota Reel-It-In Classic was very average with the legendary Mangrove keeping him afloat.

In 2013 he did however crack the International scene with a great win the Maloo Classic in Fiji.

Maybe 2014 will be his year.


Good Luck, Groper.


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