Manning Point Fishing Classic, Extreme Fishing Competition, Australia

Sleepy Phil

10th February 2014
good skier caught one fish at MP


Nationality (german)
History Caught a fish at Manning Point once before (accidentally).
Previous Entrant 2012 ROOKIE
Referrees Mangrove Mike
Preferred Team Bourkie & Naden
Alcohol Preference Yes…(non VB) beer…Any Jap beer good… red wine… Guinness/Baileys nightcap… whatever is on special
Approvers Comments

Known for his extreme surgery-ing, Sleepy Phil can solve most fishing related injuries with just a nail and some strong seaweed.  And, lots of alcohol - the nail might hurt a bit.

2010 saw Sleepy Phil head up to the Manning where he caught a nice big bream opposite Manning Point Manor. He also tried to tenderise the said fish while bringing it in over the rocks.  The kind of skills we are looking for.

In 2012 he entered Poissons et boisson extrêmes folklore by just turning up for the Friday night celebrations. He didn't even wet a line. That's commitment.

Welcome back to Manning Point, Sleepy. Let's get you out on the water this time and see what you can do. 





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