Day 1 Wrap

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Day 1 started off slowly after a night of great entertainment at Manning Point Bowling Club. The team caught 7 meat trays in the raffles which should have augured well for the marine kill expeditions.


Although there were plenty of fish about, keepers were in short supply. Fishin' Phil got a nice bream early on and his team mate Stillwater brought in a nice 44cm flattie.

After some egg and bacon rolls and good coffee at the Manning Point Marine (and Waterbird Restaurant) the Shore Team got dropped off just outside Harrigans Pub for some Flattie Hunting. They were everywhere, just not near the hooks. Mangrove finally hooked for his team with a fiesty flattie. The other teams were as quiet as a mouse so the first team round ended with s victory for Team Red (Fishin, Stillwater and Mullet) . A special mention should go to Catfish who caught the first red spot fish - a keeper bream.

Lunch at Harrigans was fantastic with all competitors agreeing that Harrigans will be the Saturday lunch sponsors for some years to come.
The afternoon session was dominated by Ganghook Gibbo's legal black fish on the pick rod. As a legal fish on the pink rods counts for double, the Shore team with a count of 2 took out the afternoon session - which shows you how pathetic the other teams were in the afternoon.

Codfish cut the hell out his foot from a lip on some oysters but just ensured that he burlied up correctly for his shore team mates.

The traditional Saturday Evening BBQ had a mass of fish, meat tray supplies and Catfishes sensational salad. The competitors then retired to their rooms by 9pm to be ready for the next day.

Stillwater leads the competition at this point in time.


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