Haka Jo wins the 2019 Classic

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

Haka Jo is now a triple Champion after taking out the 2019 Manning Point Fishing Classic. He smashed fish all weekend and it was Haka and then daylight.

There was controversy in the judging team as Haka's team, Team Mahi Mahi, was disqualified due to tardiness on Saturday lunch. An appeal was raised and Haka Jo was given a 20 point decrement in his score which meant he won by mostly daylight. Well done Haka Jo.

The Dougie was won by Fishin Phil with a stellar performance on Saturday night with his "flare stumble". Good job Fishin.

The Rookie of the Year was a close run thing, but Kingfish Kasses just prevailed ahead of Bloodworm.

The Order of the Pink Rod went to Tsunami Col on countback with Fishin's crew despite Mangrove holding onto it for 5+ hours during the tournament (maybe a tactic). Tsunami now has finally won something!

The Pécher du Mérde, introduced this year, was won by very short priced favourite, Kneptune who made Winx look like an outsider.

Thanks to every skipper who brought their boats and shipped the other athletes around, allowing them to have plenty of Harrigans great brews and enjoy their fishing. Thanks Mr Mahi Mahi, Dhufish, BigJig, Swampman, Fishin and Sailfin.  The Team of the Year was "Disqualified"!


Thanks very much to all those who put in heaps of effort to make this event run smoothly. Firstly, so we don't forget, thanks Captain for the brilliant brews. Was the Citra better than the Mosaic? This debate went on late into the nights. Thanks mate, we appreciate your efforts very much.

Ganghook Gibbo sorted out the catering, bait, water etc and the late night chefs led by Fishin was much appreciated by all.  Fishin also put together the show bags. Thanks Tsunami for the outstanding salads. Thanks also to Mahi Mahi for the wings and those light-weight Reaper Chillis.

Thanks Bloodworm for the work with our team in Mumbai to perfect the app supplied by Member Jungle. The Event Tracker and Blogging was awesome and I know with your effforts next years will be even better.  Also thanks for the new Rookie of the Year trophy.

Thanks to Hookem for organising sponsorship with Camplify and a big thanks to Sailfin for the support from Sotcom. Newcastle Workwear Specialists for the great work on our attire and Great Lakes Wines for their support.

Finally, thanks go to all of you Elite Fisher Athletes. Everyone chipped in when required and it's a brilliant bunch of people to hang out with - even if it is just once a year.


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