Really? Adele. Really??

By Ronny Reuters OBE (MP)

What's more important? The Ovation of your Peers when partaking in a world renown fishing comp or listening to some chick sing? Crickey, friggin' crap. Three lightweights from last year's Manning Point Fishing Classic have pulled out of this years because their testicles have been dragged along to the later.

The first one I laughed at, the second was a bit absurd but the third takes the cake.

The funny thing is that Adele (the chick) is coming to the 2017 Classic anyway. MPFC Organiser, Marcus Copperi, with the help of music heavy-weight, Big Mal Coad, has teed up a special event at the bowlo. She'll be flying in on Marcus's chopper and deliver a set just after the raffles. Covers will be done of Big Mal's greatest hits and the best of both Smithy and Kingy. So even if you don't like her, like Mangrove and Ganghook who will be playing pool, you will still be able to hear her - with testicles intact and lots of Ken-poured beer at an easy reach.

It's an easy decision really, isn't it! (And you'll get an invitation to next year's comp as well).


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